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The Healing Power of Sharing

By Remy Benoit

And now we come to the questions: What is war? What is the place in history of my war? What was/is the purpose of the war I knew?
It seems to me that our time here is a passage of all kinds of growth, and that includes using our experiences to help others along their way, along their chosen paths, and often along paths that they have to take that are sometimes truly not voluntary choices. Again, it is how these paths are handled, how their lessons are passed on that is of importance.

When war, of any kind, occurs, something(s), someone, is out of harmony. Ask yourself questions: when the “war” in my life
began, how was it begun? What led up to it? What were the opening salvos? Who was on each side? What was the intent of each side? How did I handle it? am I handling it? What was, or might be, the outcome?

Keep in mind, if you find yourself becoming overwhelmed, back off, seek professional help in dealing with your feelings slowly,
one at a time in a calm environment. You must not let yourself become overwhelmed. There are several organizations in the links here that can and will give you, or direct you, to the professional help you might need. The questions that are being listed are ones that have come up many times in conversations, and I am passing them along to you. But do seek professional help and guidance as you need it.

What have you learned personally from your experience?

What do you want the legacy of your experience to be?

How can you help others with what you have learned?

Is there someway that you can use what happened to you as a way to help heal the world?

Have you come to a place where you can write about your experience without grating anger, and with forgiveness for yourselfand others? If you can’t do you need more time, more professional help, more compassion and forgiveness, or perhaps deeper work on its place in history? Can you look for someone else in some time in history who experienced many of the same things that you did? How did they learn to deal with their experiences, and what did they do with them to help others?

I am inviting you now to share your stories with all of us. If you are more comfortable with having your story posted online with
only nitials or a pen name that is fine. Please feel free to do so. I do ask that you remember that this is a public site and that you keep that in mind with your use of words. In order for me to upload your story, I must have your name and express permission to do so, but your name, if it is your wish,will not be posted.

Please send your stories to and please be patient. I will read them all as soon as I can and post those that best express the healing that we are here for.

And do remember, if we are ever to have peace, we must be peace: in our homes, with our fellow workers, with our neighbors; in traffic jams, in slow supermarket lines. And most importantly in our own hearts.

P Passion and joy in our work

E Enlightenment to our own need to change ourselves rather than to change others

A Awareness of life’s purpose

C Compassion for others and ourselves

E Energy, Focused

Be peace



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