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Robert Reich: Perry Plan; Low Wages Texas Style

By Remy Benoit

At RSN Perry Plan: Low Wages Texas Style.

If Texas is doing so well, then perhaps Mr. Perry should stay there. We are still suffering from the work of that other Texan and don't need more corporate favors while the rest of the country needs work.

This kind of thinking, this kind of government, is not what our children, husbands, wives are out there in combat zones for. Demos means of the people, and with all due respect to the Court, most of the rest of us believe that people love, laugh, cry, die. Corporations do not do that. Thus, they simply are not people. Soldiers, civilians, are all open to post-traumatic stress that impacts the rest of their lives. When was the last time you heard about a corporation suffering flashbacks and horrific nightmares?

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