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Gavin Aronsen: Fallout From Chris Christie-Koch Brothers Exposé

By Remy Benoit

Fallout From Chris Christie-Koch Brothers Exposé. At Mother Jones

Elections should be publically financed; not financed by those who have more than the rest of us put together. Unions were hard won with blood, just like freedom and need to be protected. We need to see Made in the USA. We need to wake up.

William Rivers Pitt at Truthout The Cult of Death.

On Youtube Let the Uninsured Die. Yes, we are supposed to be responsible, but I know what health insurance costs, what major hospital bills are; what is charged, and what is actually allowed. Perhaps we need to start with medical and pharmaceutical costs and once they are under control, THEN we revamp rational charges for health insurance. Who cheers to let someone die for a bad decision?

Physicians for a National Health Care Program at Common Dreams Highest Rate of Uninsured Since Passage of Medicare, Medicaid.

From Abby Zimet at Common Dreams Texans Have No Food, Health Care, or Services, But a Few Guys Are Doing Swell.


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