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The GOP Bully in the Schoolyard

By Remy Benoit

Every school had one, or maybe more. They took your lunch money, they beat you up, they made the walk back and forth to school filled with terror.

They are at it again, using the entire nation as their schoolyard, taking that which belongs to all of us.

Tax the rich; enforce climate friendly laws; protect the EPA; Medicare and Social Security are NOT entitlements, they are an agreement between us and our government and we have paid for them.

Demand jobs, demand a CCC and a WPA to help with recovery efforts all over the country. It is pouring outside my window now; it remains to be seen how much rain New Orleans and the rest of us will get, what damage will be done.

Our veterans are committing suicide in huge numbers. That is not acceptable.

Will your levees, bridges, dams hold or do they need work? We do not need the Tar Pipeline, we have enough trouble. We do not need endless war taking the lives of our people and theirs. We do not need a hand full of people holding the nation hostage.

WE DO NEED TO STAND BEHIND THE PRESIDENT AND LET THOSE WHO HAVE MUCH TOO MUCH AND WANT MORE THAT WE DO NOT ACCEPT THAT. We need to look at bad decisions made before this man was in the White House and stop blaming him for the mess he inherited. We need to prosecute those responsible.
We need to end endless wars.

We need to stop buying into big money backed propaganda that is telling us losing our jobs, letting them not pay taxes, having unnecessary foreclosures are good things. We need to wake up and get a grip on reality. I for one do not want to live in 1900 without unions, without restrictions on big business that gives you no job, or pays such low wages that you cannot eat and keep a roof over your head, and then turns around and builds a library claiming to be oh so charitable. That was the reality of the Robber Barons then, and it is today too.

Wake up!

Join Mike Lofgren at Truthout who spells it all out for you. Good-bye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult.Print

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