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By Sgt. Christopher Gaynor


If there is a better group of reenactors than Belgian based REMEMBER, I have yet to see it. Gregory Mortara and his comrades do meticulous research enriching each reenactment as both art and living history. Documented beautifully in still photos and video the images are often startling in their authentic feel. I even found one that at first I thought was a lost picture of my best buddy in Viet Nam, but instead of 1967 the picture is from 2011.
Events from all wars are recreated and some of the most dramatic scenes are from WWII. I am fooled every time by these incredible pictures. Am I looking at beautifully preserved 65 year old shots or were these taken at a recent reenactment? They are that good! Why would a bunch of young Belgians be so drawn to the history of the U.S. and especially its military involvements. Well, these are not casual hobbyists or video game junkies, these are serious and sincere men who have great respect for the US and especially her warriors. Imagine? Not an attitude youÂ’ll find in very many places in the world these days. So, gentlemen (and Sarah), I salute you and offer you my heartfelt thanks and gratitude. After 43 years it is a fine thing for a veteran of the Viet Nam war like me to be recognized and honored. And I am sure that all those who have served and are currently serving in all conflicts would feel the same. REMEMBER will have a website in the future but for now go to their Facebook page. Remember.
Sgt. Christopher Gaynor


Dear Chris, Your words are the best rewards we can get as re-enactors! We will continue to do our best to honor and maintain alive the memory of all those soldiers, past or present, who fought and sometimes gave their life for our freedom! All the re-enactments we are doing is the least we can do to thank you all! God bless you all! Yours sincerly, Marc President of the "Remember" re-encatment group.

Posted by: Marc Gerkinet, at 2011-10-09 10:15:27

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