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Toxic Can Be Spelled in Many Different Ways

By Remy Benoit

Each day I work with veterans riddled with cancers and Parkinsons. In this case toxic is spelled Agent Orange and other chemicals.

This is another way to spell toxic. At RSN Robert Greenwald Do the Koch Brothers Want a Toxic Disaster?

Yet another way to spell toxic is mortgage abuse.
At RSN from Andrew Longstreth, Reuters NY Attorney General Kicked Off Mortgage Abuse Committee.

Personally, I am a long time fan of Morgan Freeman and he is so right in his advice, not only to the President, but to all of us who have had enough of those who cause problems, and yet, leave the rest of us to pay for them with cancers, death, endless wars, loss of homes and jobs, oil spills, etc. From Glenn Thrush at Politico Freeman Tells Obama: Get Pissed Off.

And while you are doing that, consider signing this petition, almost 300,000 of your countrymen have! Contract to Rebuild the American Dream.

There are so many of us who suffer from trauma. Many have lost homes, jobs; are suffering so just a few miles south of me from the oil spill. Many of you have lost family members to the wars; have family members coming home from facing the horrors of war; have family members coming home from war with terrible injuries. Some of you have known abuse; many of you have suffered from random acts of violence. We need your stories. Join us at Trauma. and help make the world understand that PTSD is a normal reaction to horrific events.

Paula Caplan When Johnny and Jane Come Marching Home: How All of Us Can Help Veterans.

William Koch Jr: Casualties of War.

Ann Jones: War is Not Over When It's Over: Women Speak Out from the Ruins of War.

If this isn't the world you want, follow Mr. Freeman's advice and do something about it in a pro-active peaceful, but determined way. Choose the wrong that you feel strongly needs action and get to it.

Your donations help me to keep my computers running, to be here each and everyday for our veterans. Thank you so much.

We have the world we make: seems we have a great deal of remodeling to do. "If not now, when?"


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