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What If They Were Your Children?

By Remy Benoit

What if the wars took your children?

When we send people to war, we send part of our national family. Yet there seems to be a huge disconnect in understanding from those whose children are at home; building with blocks, or already building individual lives.

Parents of soldiers, families of soldiers, stay awake at night in tension, at prayer. They face empty chairs and places at breakfast, at lunch, at supper, during holidays. The children of those soldiers wait for mommy, wait for daddy, dread a knock on the door. They often grow up without a mommy or daddy.

We need as a nation to walk with, stay with, support families of those in the service; we need to support Gold Star families emotionally.

To learn about what those Gold Stars really mean,
join William Koch Jr. Casualties of War: Words and Images from the Heart of a Gold Star Father.


Thanks Remy, as I struggle daily with coping with the loss of a son, KIA soldier CPL Steven R. Koch and along with my daughter from PTSD from her losing her younger brother and getting no support from her doctors and worse, boyfriend and his family. I thank you for all you are doing to get veteran and troop issues out to the public....You have my sincere appreciation and my help....Bill

Posted by: Bill Koch, at 2011-08-21 21:01:22

Survival has a number of different pages connected to it. Our country's survival has some dark aspects which need to be addressed in a more humanistic manner. Another page deals with Social Survival. The nature of this issue has to focus on prejudice and myopic moods which are a function, regretfully, of people in every country on earth. A third page must be read carefully. The Heart of Gold and the Gold Star crisis where our loved ones become a war punishment is as serious a situation as we will find - even on the other two pages. Just how we deal with Survival is a very, very important factor in whether the Human Being can continue to be alive and well on this planet. This needs to be given a lot more thought in today's world.

Posted by: Al Beck, at 2011-08-20 23:33:23

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