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Louisiana Musings

By Remy Benoit

We are joined by a voice from Louisiana today; that of a man who honorably served his country, and like so many of his brothers, found no Welcome Home from the green from his countymen. Nevertheless, like his brothers, he loves this country, shares the concerns with all of us for her well-being, and worries for the future of his children.

I agree with most of what he asks you below to consider, but I would go a step further and disallow any lobbyists at all.

I was made aware of a sociological/psychological study, called the Dunbar's Number. which states how many people one person can interact with successfully. Perhaps, considering the suggestion below, those dorms should be of mixed party members so they could learn to function together instead of holding each other, and us, hostage, to their particular ideologies and pork barrels.

We need to visit the Court's idea that corporations are people. By any definition I can muster, they simply do not qualify as The People.

We also need to visit that Court's idea that campaign contributions can be obscured. Elections should be limited to just a few weeks, and not be either subjecting us ad nauseum with their machinations, nor disallowing anyone without huge campaign donations, with all their strings attached, to be able to run.
The Senate became a “millionaires club” back in the 1890's; time for that to stop for both Houses.

We need a full investigation of war contractors, of war profiteering, the findings made public.

We need to think in terms of endless peace, rather than endless war.

We need, desperately need, to care for our Veterans.

We need to protect Medicare, Social Security, and strip Congress of its health insurance; theirs should be as the rest of us have.

So...let's have a national fay-dodo: we can dance, sing, eat the food nature is still giving us despite our neglect of her, and then get down to saving our country and the earth.

To make you look forward to that national gathering, a bit of Louisiana heritage with some old, old Cajun tune, Jolie Blon.

And now...Louisiana Musings...

The class warfare began 31 years ago; the warred upon are just beginning to catch on, have been sidetracked by so much meaningless ideology—like states rights, guns, anything to keep the focus off the banksters and millionaires raping this country.

"Pay your fair share should be the battle cry.

When 1% owns 40% of the wealth, whatever that 40% equals, each 1% should put up, or have confiscated, his/her 1% share. I cannot believe working families, moms, dads, kids who are struggling have not voiced OUTRAGE over 200 million dollar plus bonuses for individuals.

No body, and I mean no body is worth that much. Huey Long said, a long time ago, before the banksters/big oil killed him, you don't need more that 10 million dollars! The same is true today, with adjustments for dollar values.

Following the recommendations below could help to put the Congress in order:

1. No floor privileges for anyone but current members.

2. Being in the Chamber for votes must be mandatory; unless absent with a doctors excuse, or a death certificate. Failure to be there is loss of pay for the month; 2d offense 1 year pay loss; any more expulsion.

3. No lobbyist within five miles of the Capitol/office buildings.

4. No lobbying buildings in the D.C. Area:. that means, NRA, API, insurance, banks, etc. etc have to move their headquarters out of the district.

5. Members cannot move to the tri-state area if they are not elected form VA, MD, DE or the D.C. District.

6. Buy/build a dorm for the members to come and live in to do THE PEOPLES' work. IT can be nice, family can come and visit on weekends/holidays. free travel back to home district when not in session. If barracks, or less, are good enough for those we send to war, they are good enough for those who send them to war.

7. Members should pay Social Security, medical coverage, retirement IRAs, etc., like all other CITIZENS, yes, like everyone else.

8. No retirement pay, service is a privilege, you asked for it.

9. House term limits: 10 years, 5 terms, Senate 12 years, 2 terms

10.Before they can be elected prospective members of Congress must sign a pledge to vote for, and actively support, Constitutional amendments for the above.

Take a class in the history of this Republic. The colonists did not object to taxes, they just wanted representation in what was taxed. They wanted taxation with representation, not no taxation for those that had while everone else carried them.
In conclusion, and all are welcome to send their thoughts here to share with the rest of us.

This is a favorite of mine; a lovely country song—we are here, we have given our children life, indeed, our ancestors have given life to this country when all else said they would fail. We prevail; we will overcome all the current problems because we are not only a country rich in resources, we are a country rich is the wisdom, and the blood sacrifice of her PEOPLE.

For awhile, we areEarthbound let's leave a legacy all coming generations will thank us for.
Ever notice that American ends in I CAN!

From Thomas Jefferson, known as the Man of the People:

If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy.

Join us, sign the petition to Rebuild the American Dream Rebuild the Dream.

Miz' Remy


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