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Join your country's real people, you know the ones with arms and legs and heads; the ones who laugh,cry, love, lose their jobs and homes-not the ones with outsourced factories and tax loops. Sign the Petition: Rebuild the American Dream.


The politicians in this country, at all levels, from local municipalities to the white house are no longer representing the sentiments of the people! There is a growing divide that is getting worse on a daily basis!.......republicans and democrats alike are inept and for the most part focusing only on reelection, serving the needs of the special interest groups, catering to the interests of lobbyists, and their PAC groups!.....we need term limits!...there is no reason for a congressman or senator to make politics a was NEVER meant to be this way!!!..... we need to replace EVERY politicians at this time…….clean house!!!........ and remove ALL special interest groups!!!!.......they need to be eradicated from Washington and every other governing body across the country! We are rapidly becoming a third-rate nation and no longer the envy or the keeper of the world order!....they should all be ashamed!...we have gotten to this state on a collective effort……it’s not the fault of the democrats or the fault of the republicans…….it’s the fault of ALL politicians! I'm ashamed to be represented by them!

Posted by: Benjamin Di lello, at 2011-08-11 04:50:13

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