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A So Simple Message to Wall Street and S&P From One Grandmother

By Remy Benoit

I cannot begin to grasp the amounts of money that you all deal with on a daily basis; the rest of us just keep trying to keep food on the table, and a roof over our heads, something that you do not seem to understand, nor even care about.

But the thing of it is, we are all Americans, and you seem to have forgotten that when our country is in trouble, well, what we do is pull together and do what must be done. You are not pulling your weight; you are not showing the kind of faith in this country that the rest of us, including the middle and lower classes that you seem bent on obliterating for the good of the few, so believe in.

So before you go messing with stock prices, and will this or that or whatever happen, remember that you are Americans too...not quite as brave, or faithful, or courageous as those you are complicit in putting in combat zones to protect your interests, but Americans too who have to show faith in us in your money dealings; show some courage and fortitude, and yes, show some "pay back" for all this country has given you by simply showing faith in her, and in the rest of us whose work each and everyday keeps you in homes, with food on your tables.

And while I am here, to S & P how dare you, how dare you give this country a lesser rating when you said all was fine with those so called legitimate mortgages and kept up the myth that allowing that, that going along with the idea that the rich don't have to pay their fair share, are one of the prime factors in the mess you all have made of a very rich country's economic situation.

So tonight, you all go home and ask yourself this simple question: Am I not an American too who should be helping her in her hour of need, as millions have done before me in blood price, or will I wake up one very cold, cold morning and have to face the face of "Christmases past" in my mirror...if, indeed, I still have a home with one.

Miz' Remy


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