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Michael A. Cohen: The Dysfunction at the Very Heart of American Politics

By Remy Benoit

This is the view from the Guardian, UK and it is a very pathetic one and one that we should change by our votes, by our research into the real truth of what is actually going on. This kind of government by hostage of military pay, Social Security, etc. is not what our soldiers are out there fighting and dying to protect and extend.

The Dysfunction at the Very Heart of American Politics. at RSN.

This Congress is not protecting the interests of THE PEOPLE, nor is it honoring all the blood price of our democracy. It is a self-interested group for the largest part and subject to lobbyists representing corporations. We should demand an end to lobbyists, open accounting of who is paying for what to buy elections.

That is just the beginning of investigating the truth of what is.

Think about what is, or, indeed, isn't on your supper table. Do you think it is the same as the table of the CEO's? Are they worried about paying the electric bill, the mortgate, the doctor bills?
Don't think so, so why are they showing zero interest in whether you can "make it"? Simple, they don't care if you do and that is not how this country should be run.


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