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By Remy Benoit

If corporations want to be "people" then let them pay taxes like THE REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE.


If they paid taxes, we couldn't be held hostage to pay our troops, provide ALL needed services through the VA, provide Social Security, pay Medicare, support libraries and schools the way we have as part of our history; doing it together for the public welfare, not the private insatiable needs for more.

A new CCC, a new WPA to fix the declining infrastructure. Mr. Obama, we said, "Yes, we can."
WE CAN, can you? Go to THE PEOPLE, spare no reality of the truth from tax loopholes to war profiteering; to Wall Street thinking that they are our legislature; to our legislature being held hostage by a handful of members and dollars of lobbyists. Enough. No more bank usury; no more corporate tax dodging or outsourcing for tax loopholes.

The blood price has been paid for our country; we will not let it be sold out to some CEO's. That would shame us in the face of the history of those who gave, and are giving all. We will not be shamed; nor will we be forced into poverty and subservience.


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