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Andrew Dalton: Responses to Debt Deal Range From Angry to Angrier

By Remy Benoit

From the AP at RSN Andrew Dalton: Responses to Debt Deal Range From Angry to Angrier.

From an International Perspective, also at RSN from Gary Younge, Guardian, UK Republicans have ceased to operate as a political party.

From Robert Reich at Truthout Ransom Paid.

This entire fiasco is embarrassing and detrimental to the entire country. How have we come to a place where a few men can hold the country hostage, ruin its economy because of personal greed?

And while we are on the subject of responsibility, who is taking real, up close and personal, responsibility for war: for the civilians whose lives are destroyed; for the soldiers whose lives, if they come home, are forever altered with injuries, PTSD, and like so many of the Viet Nam veterans I work with each day, with cancer, with Parkinsons, from Agent Orange? As a Congress, as a President, as one of The People, we seriously need to start talking and thinking, and doing something about, personal responsibility. Ask Mother Earth how she feels about bombs, about AO, about endless war that defiles her and her children. Each action has a reaction, and daily the latter reactions are not doing any one any good.


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