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Carl Gibson: Pay Your Taxes, Murdoch

By Remy Benoit

Are people just beginning to realize how much tax abuse, how many loopholes for corporations exist?

When will you speak up? If corporations did not have these loopholes, we, on social security, we in combat zones, would not be wondering if we were going to make it this month.

At RSN Pay Your Taxes, Murdoch.

Mr. Obama, who is being constantly blamed for this mess did not make it, although he is not standing up solidly enough for us, and has put Social Security and Medicare on that table which is bottom line unacceptable. The problem lies with the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy; from outsourcing business; from off shore accounts; and for greed that seems to know no boundaries, not even the welfare of the country.

Stand up and say no more: Contact Congress. Do it now.

While you have them on the phone, remind them of the Cost of Endless Wars.

From Jon Stewart This Congress is a Skunk With Its Head Stuck in a Jar of Peanut Butter.

Which Amazing Dem Asked the GOP This Million Dollar Question?


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