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William Rivers Pitt: So This is Despair

By Remy Benoit

At Truthout So This is Despair.

Where is the Yes We Can in all this?

How can one bargain with people for whom collective bargaining is an anathema? How can one bargain with union busters; with those who have no care for those of us who worked all our lives, who are old, ill, and wondering where the funds for the next electric bill will come?

How can one bargain with people who are concerned only with profits, not with the welfare of their country or those in it?

Mr. Obama we gave you a mandate to improve things; not to take them away; not to throw away into the trash of greed our Social Security and our Medicaid and Medicare? What is next, the limited VA funding?

Why not throw away the Lobbyists? What not enough voting power actually used to say tax those who can afford to be taxed? Penalize those who take industry out of the country; who foreclose improperly on homes; who charge us exorbitant interest rates?

It has all been turning upside down since Nixon. It is time to turn it right side up.

Is there anyone in Washington besides a few like Bernie Sanders who care to remember why they are there? To represent us, not corporations, not the rich, and certainly not to break contracts with the American People.

Despair, yes; disgust, yes; disenchantment, yes, long, long gone.

Have we honored those we sent secretly into other countries during wars; who put everything on the line because they believed in this country, in democracy?

Have we no respect for the blood at Normandy, at Anzio, at a thousand other places that we would give away what was paid for so dearly to a handful for whom more than enough is never enough?


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