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Editing, Proofing, Book Reviews and Publishing With Remy Benoit

By Remy Benoit

Remy Benoit

You are writing your book! Congratulations.

Now you need help, and I can provide you all kinds of help.

Do you need an in depth review? I can do that for you as I have done for so many others.We can post it at Amazon, at B&N, at my site, at yours and those you feel will benefit from knowing about your work and passing it along. My review can be e-mailed through my extensive list; through yours; and through your friends who will be happy to help you.

For Reviewing the rates are up front through PayPal and I require that you send a review copy..

Up to 300 pages $150

300-350 pages $200

350-400 pages $300

400-500 pages $400

for each increment of 50 pages, add $50.

For Reviewing you may contact me at: Remy Benoit

Do you need help proof reading your book?

Do you need editing help?
You will find my rates and recommendations at Remy Benoit Writing.

Do you need your book published? I can do that too for you as a POD book through my Front Porch History. For publishing, explain your needs, your cover desires and do keep in mind that any cover design must be sent to me as 300 DPI dots per inch. Remy Benoit

If you have an idea for a book and need help developing it, I can help you, as I have helped so many others, to bring that idea to fruition. I will help you with fiction, historical fiction, war stories, non-fiction, collective memory books, biography, autobiography, spirituality, poetry, romance, science fiction, and fantasy. I do not do math or science.

This is your chance to bring your dream book into reality with my help. Just think how you can amaze your family and friends when you hand them copies of your books. If you have an idea you are really committed to let's make your dream a reality.

Starting today. Remy Benoit


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