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Jim Hightower: The Unanswered Question in Afghanistan is, WHY?

By Remy Benoit

It is interesting that we speak of WAR as almost an entity of its own. War is not a thing, it is a conscious, concerted action that involves soldiers, civilians, homes, streets, cultural centers, the earth herself, and people with horridly interrupted, ruined, or ended lives.

What if those facing war in any country wrote individual letters to other people, to other nations explicitly depicting what they are going through?

What if you could really see soldiers building schools; soldiers seeing children blown to bits?

What if we stopped thinking about war as it own entity and started seeing it for what it is: a conscious, concerted action, the decision for which has been made somewhere along the line by those who supposedly really "know what is going on" like weapons of mass destruction; terrorists, etc. We need to ask why we are not attacking our allies, where terrorist groups are, and long have been, active?

We need to ask ourselves why there are terrorist groups, and not just accept the easy answers like religion and isms, but think about food, the lack thereof; housing, education, medical care, etc., etc.

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