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NY Times Editorial: The Republican Threat to Voting

By Remy Benoit

While our soldiers are abroad trying to help with the spread of democracy, the Republicans are trying to curtail it here while they try union busting, ending Medicare, Social Security, and more. Time to wake up, America!

At Reader Supported News The Republican Threat to Voting.

Goebbels used the technique of the BIG LIE. The bigger the lie the better as people will not consider that something so horrendous could be made up. The Republican mouthpieces have had their witch hunt for Obama's birth certificate; now it will be something else-what he read/reads, if he shaves with a razor, electric or manual; how light or dark he likes his toast-obviously something to be "read into" that. Perhaps it is an issue that he is BLACK? Can we face the truth about that? Or is it that he defeated one of the money gatherers in the election? Or a hundred other things? From Keith Olbermann at FOK Maguffins 1, Obama 0.

If these people are so sure of themselves, why don't the just come out and say 'we want a plutocracy; we want all your rights; we want all your money and you should gladly accept serfdom, and, of course, let us send your children off to war for whatever reasons we like, and, no, of course, we will not take care of them when they come home-why would you possibly expect that?'

John Cory: A Sad Day for America.


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