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Donna Smith: Quarter-Million Dead and Not Counting

By Remy Benoit

At Common Dreams Quarter-Million Dead and Not Counting. Those are the numbers over the last few years here who have died from not having health care.

Our veterans are still having serious problems getting their care from the VA.

We have to question why in a country such as this.
Who is blocking the way to decent, affordable, health care? Read the article to find out how many have had to declare bankruptcy because of health care costs.

When something is so blatantly wrong, we should have no problem demanding that the wrong be made right. It is your country, your voice, unless, of course, you fall under: Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission. At Reader Supported News, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now Koch Brothers Caught Telling 50,000 employees how to vote.
Another wrong that should be made right? Or do the Koch brothers own the country, and that is okay with you?


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