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Michael Klare: Avenging Planet

By Remy Benoit

At Tom Dispatch Avenging Planet.

Why is it so hard to nurture, rather than destroy the planet and ourselves? We have a planet that is a garden, and yet we treat it like a trash pile to throw anything we want into it; to toss it, turn it, put all manner of "stuff" onto and into it, and expect that Mother Nature will smile on us, excuse the hubris of her children. Did not Icarus learn the lesson? Can we not choose life over death?

Have we learned nothing from Agent Orange; from Three Mile Island; from Chernobyl as the "significance rate" of the latest nuclear disaster in Japan mounts? Seemingly not. At MSNBC Bill Dedman: Nuclear Neighbors: Population Rises Near US Reactors.

Shouldn't anything so obscene that it is a planet eater be deemed unacceptable?

Choose: garden or desolation: war or peace; love or hate; democracy or plutocracy? Your voice can make a difference. Ask Mr. Boehner to visit the food kitchens in his district-perhaps if he gets enough letters he cannot ignore them. Tell GE and all the others, equal taxation. Tell the corporations to bring green businesses home.

Demand to know the REAL profits of those who so profit from war.

Demand that the reactors, oil drills, gas lines be subject to extremely close supervision.

It is your garden and it and its water and its democracy and democratic movements are being so badly used.

At Reader Supported News, from the LA Times Senate Panel: Goldman Sachs Profited from the Financial Crisis. How much love of country is involved in this kind of financial manipulation? How many people lost homes, jobs, dreams?

Unless we work together; unless we share compassion, communication, and cretivity, can we survive. Choose, life or death.


Well said. We are citizens of both our country and the world. We are the caretakers of our democratic system of governance and of our fragile planet. So far we have done a crappy on both counts. If we don't get it together fairly quickly there will be nothing of value to hand on to future generations, just ashes and rubble.

Posted by: Christopher gaynor, at 2011-04-14 20:18:51

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