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Michael D. Shear: Obama to Meet Leaders From Congress on Stalemate

By Remy Benoit

I just filed my taxes. Seems to me that if corporations were paying their fair share we would not have a shortfall. Also, if we end endless war, which yes, is costly in dollars, but more so in the lives of our young. With all due respect, may we remind Mr. Boehner that he is NOT President. So, ladies and gentlemen, start pouring the coffee, ditch the tea, stay up late tonight and get to it. People on Social Security have a contract with the government that Congress needs to respect and get off their political high horses and nit picking about. We elected people to get the job done. Perhaps those who were elected with secret finances can't cut the mustard? Figure on staying up late and for once getting the job done. Let the rich pay some taxes too. Enough pork barreling for the rich.

At The New York Times Obama to Meet Leaders From Congress on Stalemate.

From Robert Scheer, Truthdig at Common Dreams The Peasants Need Pitchforks. Is there something wrong with 1% controlling 40% of the wealth? Doesn't add up in my book, how about yours?

From Chris Hedges, Truthdig at Reader Supported New This is what resistance looks like.

Veterans are coming home to no jobs. Don't they deserve more?


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