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Paul Wasserman: Say Again All

By Remy Benoit

Remy Benoit and Front Porch History
are honored to announce the publication of
Paul Wasserman's
first volume of poems, Say Again All.

Paul Wasserman is a veteran of the Iraq War, where he served as a noncommissioned officer in an Army aircrew.

He holds master's degrees in philosophy and comparative literature, and lives in New York City.

He is currently at work on a long poem and a novel, both sourced in his wartime experiences.
Say Again All.
Please pass this announcement along. It has truly been a privilege to work with this very talented author.

Paul Wasserman burns the noise of war onto the page like scalding Braille scabs that sear our fingertips.
Say Again All is a powerful and intimate tour of those Kodak moments that capture war in the poet's lens.
Two words: Read It! - Paul Wasserman has a great talent and future.
John Cory, Author of Yesterday's Kiss Viet Nam Veteran, Purple Heart and Bronze Star with V Device, 1969-1970

Say Again All marks a stunning debut for Iraq War veteran Paul Wasserman.

It's the work of a man who's unwilling to let life pass him by.

Keenly observed and deeply felt, the poems are musical, sophisticated and accessible. And at times very funny.

I'd bet Wasserman has no choice but to pen poetry. It is evidently his calling.
Ted Jonathan, NYC poet, author of Bones & Jokes

Find a quiet spot where you can be alone and read these 2 dozen poems straight
through. Don’t worry if you think you don’t understand, you will, you will.
Brother Paul (combat veterans are true brothers) takes us to the core of the
experience of war. Like all great poetry, there is the beauty of language crafted by
a master and there are challenges that yield to repeated readings, but my tears
would not wait.
Fmr Sgt Christopher Gaynor Republic of Viet Nam ’67-‘68
Author of Viet Nam: The American War. A Soldier’s Story (available in 2012)

Paul Wasserman's Say Again All studies the wide landscape of wartime experience
by focusing on the spaces which envelop violence, loss, loneliness. Say Again All
travels down "Route Seagrams" and "Route Cuervo" (while wishing for Route Absolut)
with a dry, black humor; it is a necessary search, poem by poem, "for the measurement of the night's danger."
-Brian Turner, poet, Iraq War veteran, author of Here, Bullet.

Say Again All.


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