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This is NOT America!

By Remy Benoit

Some of us are still blessed to have grannies.
This one, and so many other people, need the rest of us to stand up and say THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Reader Supported News, Open Mike, Van Jones and Marianne Manilov,

Granny Evicted By Force From Her Home.

This also is NOT AMERICA. We do not burn books here, religious or not. Everything we do personally impacts on others. This is not Christianity, not an act of love. From George Zornick Hate Pastor Burns Quran-UN Staff Killed in Afghanistan. He not only has to live with his mea culpas from this; he has to accept responsibility for his actions that led to the demise of others. If we want peace, we have to be peace.

More blood on the pastor's hands. From Matthew Fisher and the Montreal Gazette Bloody protests over Quran Burning Spread to Kandahar City.

From Mark Huffman at Reader Supported News Having A Job May Not Be Enough To Make Ends Meet Millions 'underemployed,' group claims. And our veterans are coming home to no jobs. Obviously, something is truly amiss. If the jobs, if the factories, have been taken out of the country, outsourced, well, there is one answer. Perhaps we should just say no to companies that are doing that, and also paying little or no taxes.

And Senator Bernie Sanders asks an important question Why did the Fed Bail Out the Bank of Libya?. A bank that is 59% owned by the Central Bank of Libya. Have you tried to get a loan lately? And, gee, are you wary of asking for a mortgage loan?


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