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Congress: You really don't want to mess with BOOMERS

By Remy Benoit

There are millions of us, and you know we are not afraid to express our opinions, or to take to the streets to voice them. Social Security is a covenant between The People and our government.

You haven't kept the Covenant you made with our Viet Nam veterans, or with veterans since then-none of them should be waiting years for compensation, like one of my friends with advanced Parkinsons who has been waiting for 16 months for his case to be settled.

None of them, or anyone else, should be living on the streets. NO ONE should have lost a home to bank misdeeds. NO ONE should be out of work.

Yes, many of us were lost in Viet Nam; many, many times the number of KIA have since passed from injuries or Agent Orange, but there are still millions of us with a long list of grievances with our veterans at the top of it. Be assured, Social Security comes next on the list, along with PBS, and a world of other things.

These things all need to be addressed, and do remember, $ can buy elections, but after election day, your time in Congress comes down to a per diem position, with heavy evaluations coming.

At Truthout Madison: a Foretaste of things to come. The next big occupations could be Boomers taking over capitol buildings.


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