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From one of the corporations that brought you agent orange

By Remy Benoit

From Mike Ludwig at Truthout Why Monsanto Always Wins.

Also at Truthout from Brian Moench We're All Mad Here.

From Kevin Drum at Mother Jones Plutocracy Now: What Wisconsin is Really About.

From Van Jones at the Huffington Post Introducing the 'American Dream' Movement.

My grandmother belonged to the International Ladies Garment Workers Union. Her sister, my incredible great aunt was a union leader. I belonged to a number of teachers' unions. It was unions that gave workers decent lives, or would you prefer tenements and 80 hour weeks? Always Look for the Union Label. GO WISCONSIN!

As to chemicals, ask our Viet Nam veterans who are riddled with all kinds of cancer, with Parkinsons, how they feel about wonder chemicals. We need to care for them, just as we need to care for all our veterans of these endless wars, which we are NOT doing properly.

So, when your grandchildren ask you, Where were you when the country made a choice to stand for democracy, for regulation of corporations and what they "give" us, what will you have to say?

From Bob Hebert, NY Times At Grave Risk.


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