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A Spin of a Tale?

By Remy Benoit

From Eric Boehlert, Media Matters, at Reader Supported New FOX NEWS INSIDER: Stuff is just made up.

We have to ask ourselves, how long has truth been twisted to serve the purposes of a select few? How long have we supported callous, or worse, dictators of other countries for our own purposes? How long have we pillaged, plundered, and abused our planet, and thus, ourselves and future generations?

We can feed, clothe, and house all, and yet we choose not to; to hate, kill, and die instead of putting the energy we put into war into peace. We are illogical, self-defeating, and non-responsible and still we cannot see truth when it literally smacks us in the face as it does in the Gulf.

We have to ask what is terrorism, and what place do we play in it even if simply by keeping our heads in the sand, our fannies on the sofa, and our hearts in an off mode.

We have to ask ourselves why it is easier to hate, to sacrifice our young to endless wars, than to love.

We are at a turning point. We can make that a good one. We literally can go "where no one has gone before" if we choose cooperation, compassion, and creativity. All that is at stake is life and the planet. The choice seems pretty obvious doesn't it?


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