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LA Times:Are Corporations People?

By Remy Benoit

I may be a Senior Citizen with memory slips, but as far as I recall people walk, talk, love, laugh, cry. Doesn't appear to me that corporations do any of those. They don't give birth, cry with the pain of it, exult with the joy of it. They don't bury spouses, have heart attacks, pace hospital halls when their young have emergency surgery.

Somewhere we have slipped a bit from the intention of the Founding Mothers and Fathers about the rights to privacy; about the pursuit of happiness. Reading the Constitution doesn't do it; living it does. The intention of the law matters-each word matters-each word has its own intention and purpose for each of us. We can share
words, we can share stories, but the words in the Constitution, the blood of those who fought to give it to us, must be protected.

From the LA Times Are Corporations People?


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