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Constitutional Grab?

By Remy Benoit

From Linn Washington Jr. This Can't Be Happening at Truthout Not A Video Game: Grand Theft-The Constitution.

We are being told that 2011 will see more casualties in Afghanistan, higher rate than last year which was higher than other years. We are being told that our troops are there to help bring self-determinate government to Afghanistan.
60+% of the American people feel the war should be ended, yet we are told that the downsizing of our troop commitment will be based on the situation and what is called for.

We are told that it is okay for corporations to secretly pour money into buying campaigns.

We are told that the rich can't handle paying a fair share of the taxes, while they consider downsizing Social Security for the elderly, ha, like me!

Perhaps we need to all read the Constitution again and realize that 2nd Amendment rights do not include political assassination.

Gabrielle Gifford's Prophetic Remarks on Sarah Palin's Crosshairs.

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It is time for the President to stand up and say "Enuf" and tell it like it really is. We are at a turning point in our history; the choices we make, Mr. President, will guide the future of our children and grandchildren. We BOOMERS want more choices, not less, for our children and grandchildren. We do not wish to go back to tenements, no unions, low wages, and certainly want to see Made in the USA again. If 60% of the population want this war to end, then the President and the Congress should be listening to us, not to the corporations who are making billions on American blood. Cost of War. Translate those numbers into infrastructure, Veteran care, cleaning up our devastated Gulf, schools, hospitals, environment. From NOLA Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Cleanup Inadequate, Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser Says. We have to examine exactly what is going on here, not just over there, but here too. Is your local disabled veteran getting the care she or he needs? Have you asked them?


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