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Foreclosure horrors

By Remy Benoit

Our homes are are refuge from the troubles of the day. They should be the place where we relax, share supper with families, dream sweet.

But some banks have decided that they know something we don't; that they have the right to violate that sanctity. That is intolerable.

From Andrew Martin at the New York Times In a Sign of Foreclosure Flaws, Suits Claim Break-ins by Banks.

From Reuters at Reader Supported News Two States Sue Bank of America on Mortgage Servicing.

There is something seriously wrong with banks seeing us as prey, doing illegal foreclosures, charging usurious interest rates, just as there is seriously something wrong with any debate at all as to whether we should provide medical care for 9/11 responders. I have been in the hospital three times this year, I know what they costs are. From Alex Seitz-Wald at Truthout Coburn, We dont have the "extra" money needed for 9/11 first responders. Just like we don't have the money to properly and respectfully care for our veterans. We have a great deal of re-thinking to do on endless things, including endless war and those who so seriously profit from them.


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