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The Gift of Yourself

By Remy Benoit

It is gift giving time.

For many this is quite a difficult holiday season with homes lost, jobs lost, confidence lost in the American dream and, indeed, in those who should be leading us to prosperity instead of their own self-interest.

If you feel disillusioned and tired of all the politicos, there is a way out of the morass, and that is giving the gift of yourself to others.

Take real time for you children, for you spouse. Your arms wrapped around them is so much more important than what is wrapped in a box.

If you want peace, commit yourself to finding it in your own life, and then your world.

If you think we should have a real health care program, commit to working for it.

If you feel that all election funds should be reported rather than millions funneled secretly, work for that.

If you believe veterans should get respectful and full treatment, add your voice to theirs.

The are hundreds of causes to commit to; pick the one that is right for you and stay with it: being it reading to the young; recycling if your neighborhood doesn't have it yet; sharing the joy of your musical, cooking, sewing, singing or whatever talent.

Commit to giving yourself the gift of expanding your mind, reading, studying, learning a new skill.

Your thoughts, your actions, are what you are, who you become and each of your thoughts and actions impact on the rest of the world. We are all connected and it is time that we accepted that.

Make your mythic journey your commitment and the paths that you need to take will open up for you.

The world has so much beauty, she has so much need, and what she needs is your respect, care, compassion, creativity, and communication. That hungry child wherever in the world is your hungry child. Feed her, feed the planet with love; plant a garden, save a life with some food; save a child from the streets. Save yourself and that too will help to save the planet, plant seeds of hope, grow the vines of peace so that they may envelope all of us.

Blessings to all,
Miz' Remy


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