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Re: Afghanistan-An Open Letter to President Obama

By Remy Benoit

An Open Letter to President Obama. from experts on Afghanistan requesting him to end the war.

At Buzzflash Dr. Margaret Flowers: Permanent War is Killing Us, To Be Silent is Complicit.

From In These Tims Grace Lee Boggs. She is 93 and still an activist.

From Rachel Botsman and Roo Rogers at Mother Earth News Collaborative Consumption: Shifting the Consumer Mindset.

It is time to redefine who we are; what we stand for. Are we to be the greatest power for war, or the greatest power for peace? Are we raising children to know war, or to lead lives of creativity, compassion, and cooperation? Like all else, these decisions are the choices we make. Like Indy, we must choose well. One of the things we must demand is a free press-one that does its job as the Fourth Estate, not one that chronicles celebrity nonsense and yellow journalism. This is a scary report: Study confirms that Fox News makes you stupid. Can this be right; can stations deliberately tell us things that are not the way they really are? Can news stations omit what we should know by filling in with glitz and propaganda? Can they have some reason to do these $$$?

Are there reporters who still care? Can they find work? Can they find soul again? Can we?

Your donations would help here. The mass media stations are interested in $$. Do you know how many donations I have had in all the years WHS has been here? One. If we really care, we do it anyway and it is not about $$ it is about truth. Once again, our choice. Do we want truth? If we do, we must demand it, and we must practice it.

Speaking of truth, again, all veterans are invited to join in the pro bono effort for The Little Book of War. Blessings, Miz' Remy


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