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What happened to "Yes, we can? "

By Remy Benoit

President Obama was elected with the hope of The People for a government that recognized their needs, not just those of the corporations exporting our industry for their profit.

The real contest for "Yes, we can" is on now while the President faces recalcitrant Republicans who have said they will block all legislation until they get a renewal of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

Where is the Democratic party? Is there a Democratic party? Where is the Presidential leadership that could take a lesson from Nancy Reagan and just say No to the recalcitrants?

From William Rivers Pitt at Truthout On the Subject of Quitting.

Last I heard Mr. Obama, not Mr. Boehner, is President. Yes, Sir, YOU can...just do it. Spell it out loud and clear where all the problems originated and just who is blocking their resolution and why.

From The Washington Post Rep. John Boehner Has Salty Way With Words.

BTW The People are saying we want jobs; we want corporations who invest, here, in the U.S.A.; we want to see MADE IN THE USA again; we want to see unemployment extended through the holidays; we want to be in our homes at fair mortgage rates; we want investigations into how massive foreclosures have been done; we want to see fair interest rates on credit cards, on bank accounts; we want our infra-structure in good shape; we want legitimate diplomacy and not endless war; we want decent and respectful treatment of our veterans; we want to see affordable food prices; we want a good education for our children; we want real health insurance, for ALL. We want a mass media that deals in real news, not trivia, not bias, but real news. It seems to have been forgotten by the corporate interests that control the mass media that that is the role of the 4th Estate-to support democracy, not profits.

Is there anyone in D.C. who does not have a hearing problem? Or do they simply not care?

For the few there who are hearing, go to your constituency, to the country, for support, for phone calls, for letters to the editor, to the White House, to the Congress. It is called grassroots democracy. Stop those dealing in fear, division, and yes, hatred. This is one country with a future that will be what we choose to make it, if, if, if we pull together for what grows the U.S.A, instead of dividing and destroying it.

Ask yourselves this, those of you who represent us in Congress: if you had to answer to those whose blood was shed to free us for "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" could you look them directly in the eye? Could you look Mr. Washington, Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Franklin in the eye and say honestly, "I have given my best to the legacy you gave us," or would you be checking out the shine on your shoes looking down at the floor, unable to dishonor the memory of those who blood was spilled, whose lives were spent to give us freedom? Can you look at those serving now, perhaps for their 3rd or 4th tour while their families lost their homes to foreclosure and tell them honestly that you have done, are doing your best? If you can't pass these tests, you have failed. Time for some mirror and soul searching work?


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