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Visiting the supermarket and more

By Remy Benoit

After I paid an absurd price for medication today, we stopped at the supermarket.

Has anyone noticed, anyone in D.C. for instance, the unmanageable price of produce? And no, it is not because it is autumn, these increases have been going on all year.

Perhaps someone could arrange a field trip for members of Congress to the local grocery store
for a dose of reality where they could meet Mr. Artichoke weighing in a $3.99 a piece.

This economy needs is not a matter of politics only; it is a matter of those who legislate knowing how the rest of us live.

When was the last time your Representative or Senator was in a market, a shoe store, a clothing store?

When was the last time he or she was concerned with the price of their medication or doctor bill?

When was the last time she or he was sitting in a repair station getting new tires, or an oil change?

My point is, we need them to tread on planet earth as THE PEOPLE do.

Perhaps they need to go to unemployment lines and talk with the unemployed. Perhaps billionaire corporate types should "pay back" by doing services for their communities.

Perhaps Representative and Senators should go to war zones without mega-body guards and spend a week, a month with the troops and the reality they know. Perhaps they should go back for 3 or 4 tours; go and miss the holidays at home; go and learn that war is not a thing on paper but a living nightmare for all concerned.

Too long has Congress lived apart from us.
It is time for a huge teach in in the reality department.

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