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Guess who didn't come to dinner?

By Remy Benoit

Seems to me, and yes, perhaps I am "old-fashioned"-I am a senior citizen, but common courtesy should be a way of life, but maybe it isn't in D.C.?

Also seems to me that when the President invites you to dinner to discuss important issues, you should not be too busy to do the business of THE PEOPLE. Too busy to discuss extending unemployment through the holidays? Just whose interests are you representing?

Perhaps the soldiers are too "busy" to do the work they have been sent to do? But then, of course, Congress is "too busy" to make sure every Veteran gets every care he or she needs.

Perhaps Dad and Mom are too busy to fulfill their roles? Perhaps the young ones are "too busy" to do their homework and should tell the teacher to make the due date more "convenient" to them?

Perhaps, perhaps the editorial is right and hubris makes some people too busy to dine with the President of all of us? How well did Icarus fair with that flying into the sun?

From the New York Times With All Disrespect, Mr. President.


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