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Ellen Dannin: Our Lives, Our Fortunes Our Sacred Honor

By Remy Benoit

From Ellen Dannin at Truthout, thanks for reminding The People of this Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor.

And if we resurrect this sacred commitment, if we truly live as citizens of these United States, then this situation with our veterans would not exist. Have that cup of strong coffee, wake up American to your sacred responsibilities. This land is our land, not that of a few who have more than they or their descendants will ever need. From Nadia Prupis at Truthout Veteran Suicides Outnumber Military Deaths In Iraq and Afghanistan.

We have a huge responsibility to our veterans, to our children, to the land and water herself. Neglect of our Veterans, unnecessary oil spills, crumbling infrastructure is not what we need. We need to stand together and demand that the above words of the Founding Fathers and Mothers, paid for by an immense blood price, are honored.

We need to demand an immediate moratorium on these flagrant foreclosures. We need to demand a FULL investigation of each bank's activities in connection with them. There is so much damage left over from the previous administration, that it will take all of us standing together saying Yes we can do this! Think about this, if we needed to say Rosie the Riveter, or Jack the Riveter to meet a national crisis, where would they go to work? China? We need factories, we need production here. We need to say enough to outsourcing. We need to say and do at least a thousand things. That allegiance you pay to your flag is calling in its marker. Stand up for the responsibility of each of us to each other and to these United, not red nor blue, States.


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