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We have a choice: Democracy or Plutocracy?

By Remy Benoit

If almost a quarter of the income in this country goes to the top 1% income wise, something is wrong.

We need to ask who is paying for Tea Parties?

We need to ask about the rational for endless war.

We need to ask why veteran suicides are increasing.

We need to ask why our people don't have work.

We need to ask why no new WPA or CCC when people are jobless, when states all across the country need work down on bad levees, on crumbling bridges, on a oil soaked Gulf and bayous.

We need to ask who is blocking legislation that would make that 1% pay a fair share.

We need to ask a thousand plus questions and demand real answers.

We need to think about the blood spilled to give us a democracy and how we are not protecting it.

We need to ask who controls the major media and
why they are not confronting these problems.

From Robert Reich at Reader Supported News The Perfect Storm.

From Roger Simon, Politico at Reader Supporter News Obama vs the Loonies.


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