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War? What war?

By Remy Benoit

It is incredible to me that only 3% of the population considers the war in, where is that, oh yes, Afghanistan to be an election issue.

3%? What does that say about us when the blood of our young, when the blood of the people of Afghanistan is spilling into the earth?

I can't help but wonder how the media can be so lax in reporting what this war is really like, but then war isn't as entertaining as which celebrity is doing what that lets the audience sit in judgmental conversational nothingness.

I can't help but wonder how the billions of dollars that are seeping into election coffers impact on generating that low a percentage. Who is not talking about war, and why?

From the Editors at The Nation Democracy for Sale.

From William Rivers Pitt at Truthout The Way We Forget.

We don't need any more Tea Parties, we need a good strong cup of black coffee to wake us up!

War is deadly, destructive, soul and life eating. Why are we not talking about the brain injuries, the spinal injuries, the ever increasing numbers of KIA? Why aren't we talking about the billions in costs?
We have no right to desert those we send to fight it. It is a national disgrace.

How do you think it feels to our soldiers that to 97% of us the war they are fighting 24/7 isn't an election issue? How do you think that feels to the veterans we are making everyday and don't stand up and demand good care for?

Coffee, black, and make it a double. Time to wake up, stand up for our soldiers, our veterans, and think about why anyone would want to put back into office those who generated the mortgage crisis, the unemployment, and yes, the forever wars. Oh yes, and there is also the little thing from those who have more than enough money, millions of times over, who want to end the minimum wage.

Make that several cups of black coffee; we really need to wake up America.


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