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Commander in Chief

By Remy Benoit

President Obama was elected by the People as Commander in Chief. A war is not something to be managed, nor is it to go on forever.

Command is a lonely place, filled with hard decisions, but the fact is that in the case of war, especially with a Congress that seemingly is not overly concerned with exerting its own war making powers instead of turning things over, it is a command decision.

Managing a war is not like managing internal affairs, it is about the life, or death, of our soldiers, of the Afghan people. For neiher of those is endless war beneficial.

The Command was given to the President and it is up to him to take its reins, not the generals.

From Melvin A. Goodman at Truthout The Pentagon's Double Envelopment of President Barack Obama.

Please do keep in mind that it is not Obama who started two wars; nor is Obama responsible for starting the housing horror; nor is it Obama who was responsible for starting the overall economic mess. He is the one left holding the torn bag with our future leaking out of it.

Somehow here the old adage that The Truth Will Set You Free just might apply if the President spoke those truths and named the root causes that are choking our nation, whose interests life in perpetuating war.

It takes Command, tough, hard, lonely Command.

Just keep in mind that American ends in I CAN.
Certainly WE CAN if we look hard at facts and make decisions based on historical facts. Any war in Afghanistan is potentially an endless war. So it was for the British, so it was for the Soviets.

It is in our choices, and our standing behind the elected official, and even more importantly, the welfare of our soldiers.They need us, or haven't you noticed the increased casualty and suicide rates?


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