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Sometimes we just have to recognize the facts.

By Remy Benoit

From Leonard Pitts Jr. at the Miami Herald This is who "we" really is, Glenn.

From John Cory. at Reader Supported News The Great American Stupid.

Where are the real journalists, the real investigative reporters who should be standing up for their country? Must we have viciousness, incoherent babbling by someone who doesn't know one "ism" from another; from someone who absolutely shocks and awes by the degree of flagrant bending of reality? Didn't we learn enough from the Big Lie decades ago? Wake up, America, we are one, or we are none. Just that simple, just that American. Just say NO to flagrant violations of truth; to flagrant violations of law; to flagrant violations of responsibility.

While the babble went on, 14 of US died in Afghanistan this weekend. That is reality.


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