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How well is BP's Alyeska being managed

By Remy Benoit

From Jason Leopold at TruthoutConfidential Report, Sources, Reveal BP Executive Turned Alyeska Pipeline Into "Deeply Distressed" Company.

It is fascinating that with the daily revelations, with the horror in the Gulf, with the dispersants making people and sea life sick, or worse, there is no national cry for investigation, nor for alternative energy.

Not only would alternative energy not leave us at the mercy of the corporate bottom dollar attitude, it would save lives of our young avoiding endless war.

When did we lose our backbone that we just sit and take it day after day?

Why did the Wikileaks not make Congress stop and think before voting more money for endless war in Afghanistan? Why do Representatives think that Generals know best when the power to wage war is a Congressional responsibility? Oversight, not just nodding like toy puppies in car windows.

If you think that maybe something just might be wrong with our acceptance of "whatever" go ask an oil covered brown pelican how he feels about our lack of responsibility as citizens in oversight of oh so very many things. No, he won't be able to speak, but do you have the courage to look him in the eye?

President Obama, you don't have to "fight the opposition." All you have to do is tell the reality of oh, so very, very many things.

Perhaps that would make the American people stand up and notice how their future is being spent.


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