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As the Impact of the Oil Spill Begins to Impact Lake Ponchartrain

By Remy Benoit

From Seize BP and the Partnership for Civil Justice Fun A Demand for Freedom of Information Regarding the Oil Spill.

From Christine Harvey at the Times Picayune Some blame dispersants for movement of tar balls into Lake Pontchartrain.

What does it take to get through to these people, this is our/your state, our/your water, our/your wetlands. Anyone who can help should be there. If locals can clean this up in their own areas as many are doing, why can't a mega-corporation get its act together and do it? They have no right to block access to reporters who must be able to tell us what is going on in our backyard! What are they afraid of? Truth always comes out. Let's cut to the chase and get some.

The Federal Government must stop saying no to things that can reduce the impact of this horror show. This isn't just Louisiana's problem. This is a problem for the entire Gulf Coast and East Coast. It is a problem for the entire country. From Governor Bobby Jindal at Gov Monitor Governor Jindal Says Quick Action Needed To Save Gulf Coast.

And another thought for our generation of the wonders of Agent Orange. Just how safe are these dispersants or are we living on borrowed time in that area again?

Where is the YES, WE CAN? If we need to, form a new CCC, form a new WPA, but get the job done and stop shuffling paper. Not only would that help the Gulf Coast, it would lower the obscene unemployment figures. And yes, let BP pay the wages and benefits. While we are at it, look for those in the Congress blocking efforts here, and next election, let them join the unemployment lines.


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