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Happy November

By Remy Benoit

  This is the first of November.    

  With this month comes Veterans Day and Thanksgiving here in the States.

  And, tomorrow is my Dad's ( Navy Medic, WWII) 76th Birthday. So, Happy Birthday, Dad!

  We have much for which to be thankful. Just waking up each morning is a great gift. How often do you take the time to say Thank You for all the gifts in your life? Perhaps this is a good day to start :)

  Do you know there are Veterans Parks around the country that need cleaning up?

  Is there one in your town?  

  If you were a Veteran and saw a park meant to honor you in a state of despair, how would you feel about that? What would that be saying to you?  Is that what you want our Veterans to feel?

  Can you organize a cleanup?

  Can you also help our Veterans by supporting Veterans' issues; by contacting your Congress members, the President, and letting them know you support decent health care and other issues impacting on them?

  Can you say Thank You to them? Try it. Say Thank You to a Vet and watch his/her face take on a glow. Just a simple, Thank you for your service will work wonders.

  Veterans Day is on the 11th of this month.

  What does Veterans Day mean to you?  Write and tell me and I will post it for you. Do keep in mind, as always, we have visitors of all ages, and from around the world here. Express yourself with dignity, but do express your feelings about this remembrance day.

  To learn the history of Veterans Day VFW Origins of Veterans Day.

In Canada, this day is known as Remembrance Day.


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