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Joe Galloway: Hope Gives Way to 'No, We Can't'

By Remy Benoit

From Joe Galloway at McClatchy Press Commentary: Hope gives way to 'No, We Can't'.

The real question is why we can't? Are we calling, writing, our Representatives and Senators? Are we telling them get it right or goodbye? Do we demand investigations of possible criminal violations of our Constitution? Do we know where Iraq and Afghanistan even are on the map? Do we care about our soldiers in combat or do we just like yellow bumper stickers?

The point is the President needs us behind him, in clear voice, with clear demands, and with clear truth and consequences made known to law makers.

My folks are in the donut hole; how many folks have no hole even to fall into without any health insurance? Casualty rates go up in these wars and how many or you can truly define our objectives in either of them?

When will we understand that the U.S. is a family, a community and function together for the good of all of us and the world? We are all responsible for each other.


I watch the movie We Where Soldiers alot and iam in the US Military talk to you soon from Matthew Wright. Supporter of the US ARMY

Posted by: Matthew Wright, at 2009-11-19 16:48:57

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