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Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans: Do you have a story you want to tell?

By Remy Benoit

If you do have a story, and it seems sure that each and every one of you does, this just might be the place you would like to share it. You may include your name with the story, or ask to have it told anonymously.

May I introduce the man in charge of this project, the proceeds of which will go to help you who have served in these two combat areas¬óClayton D. Murwin:

My name is Clayton D. Murwin I am a freelance comic book artist. I have been working on a project since last June to help our soldiers who have fallen and or been injured in the Iraq & Afghanistan war. I am putting together a Graphic Novel called Untold Stories From Iraq & Afghanistan.Using the real life experiences from the soldiers that have served in the wars. I have been gathering together both main stream and independent artist, writers etc., in the Comic book Industry To help with this endeavor. We are all donating our times services and talents.
All the proceeds from the sale of the Graphic Novel will go to 4 charities listed below:

(2)The Wounded Warrior Project
(3)Fisher House Foundation .
(4)Soldiers Memorial Fund

I wanted to print 5000 copies of this book on the initial print run but unfortunately the printing cost for the book is $6,294.00 for 5000 copies it is a B&W Graphic Novel with color cover through Morgan Printing who gave me the cheapest rate of everyone I have contacted. We had a Fund Raiser to help offset the printing cost of the book and to raise money for the charities to help the soldiers on June 13th of this year but it was not very successful, we only had 8 people show up for it.

So I have had to rework my thoughts on the initial print run to something I am more able to afford initially.So I have decided to do a 1000 copy initial print run. This is where I would like your help and support by spreading the word to everyone you know of what I am trying to accomplish to support our members of our military. I have several different ideas that I would ask you to consider to help us help the soldiers, You can choose which one would best suit you or you can choose none and I would understand completely.

1) Public support of what we are trying to do.By possibly posting our project to help the soldiers on your websites and emailing to your friends

2) If you know a publisher or printer that would be willing to help me publish this book at a greatly reduced cost I would be very appreciative As I am trying to do this on my own with limited financial resources.

3) Anyone interested in donating or helping fund any part of this project would be very welcomed to speak with me personally.

I am not doing this for my own gain or recognition I am doing this from my heart, as I feel far to often our men and women in uniform are taken for granted, I have the utmost respect for them and want to try to give a little something here at home. I have never attempted anything like this before I am a small person with a big heart who just wants to try and help our brave men and women serving this country. And any advice would be well appreciated as well. I would like to take this time to Thank you for any consideration given in this request.Below are all the links to information and websites.

Clayton D. Murwin


Main Website for the Graphic Novel:
Untold Stories from Iraq & Afghanistan: A Graphic Novel.

New Website for the Graphic Novel: Heroes Fallen Blogspot.

Heroes Fallen Fund: (Working towards making this the non-profit)Heroes Fallen Fund.

Groups for Graphic Novel: Facebook Groups for Untold Stories from Iraq & Afghanistan: A Graphic Novel.
Clayton D. Murwin
The Hero Maker: I create life one line at a time.


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