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Ian Traynor: The 52 Minutes of Obama Magic That Changed the Nuclear Rules

By Remy Benoit

From Ian Traynor, Guardian UK, at Truthout The 52 Minutes of Obama Magic That Changed the Nuclear Rules.

Obama's Speech in Prague: CSpan.

Many of us are old enough to remember WWII black out shades still on the windows of our elementary classrooms. We are old enough to remember the drills for nuclear war┬Ścoats taken out of cloakrooms that smelled of wool and rubber boots; coats taken into hallways and put over heads to protect us from nuclear war. For those of us who knew this, it is something that has never left us.

They called it MAD┬ŚMutual Assured Destruction. and it assuredly was mad.

We can do better for our children and theirs. Can't we? From Foreign Policy in Focus, Darwin BondGraham and Will Parris Anti-nuclear Nuclearism.


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