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"We Shall Remain"

By Remy Benoit

I received the following message and want to pass it along to you. Someone who saw the preview show said it looks wonderful, so let the TV teach you a few things about the life and cultures of our Native Americans, starting 4/13 on PBS—they have a lot to share with you!


From previews and advance notices, probably many of you have noticed, and all ought to anticipate, the PBS television series, "We Shall Remain". The series of 90-minute programs on five consecutive Mondays, starting on April 13, feature five historic stories from the native peoples of Turtle Island. These stories span 350 years, from the 1620s to the 1970s. The series starts with the Wampanoag experience with the Pilgrims, and the series ends with Wounded Knee; not the Wounded Knee massacre at the end of the "Indian Wars" in 1890, but the Wounded Knee confrontation between AIM and FBI in our time. It attests how a history of physical and cultural survival continues even now. It brings native history to the center of "American history", instead of relegating it to the periphery of the American experience as usual. The TV series brings together native consultants, advisors, historians, linguists, writers and actors to an unprecedented extent. These award-winning programs are promoted as being "too remarkable and too inspiring to forget".

I encourage you all to plan on viewing the series and visiting the related website for further depth. I anticipate the programming will be a blessing to humanity and will be of special interest to the Lodge Keeper Society, world-wide.

We Shall Remain.


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