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Dan Gerstein: AIG's Larceny

By Remy Benoit

From Dan Gerstein at Forbes AIG's Larceny: Obama ''gets it,'' but Geithner clearly doesn't.

If you don't like what is going, it is not going to change unless you speak up. Contact Congress.

President Obama has said he works for us. If you want to help him do that job, get a cuppa, sit down and listen, and then use the contact links to express your voice. President Obama A New Foundation for Growth. And please, when you call or write, insist that we care for our Vets; investigate war profiteering; and re-draw a rational foreign policy for Afghanistan. How many times do we have to spell our quagmire with the lives of our young? We need to know exactly what we are doing, what we consider "victory," and what our withdrawal plans are before we commit lives and our sacred honor.

Who is standing in the way of economic progress? Here is the take on that from Campaign for America's Future Dog The (Blue) Dogs.

We don't properly care for our Veterans—why should we fund bonuses for the people who put us in this mess?

From Inside Music Media Cumulus Is Radio's AIG By Jerry Del Colliano.

Greed and war are insatiable. They both need to be put on a strict diet!


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