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Marc Ash: Let the thing be pressed

By Remy Benoit

From Marc Ash at Truthout Let the Thing Be Pressed.

Perhaps we have to decide who this country belongs to—a handful of insatiable corporate executives, or the rest of us.

We have to ask just how deeply the want list of corporations impacts on the rest of us.

Do we want to allow our Congress to bow to the want list of the corporations?

This is a time when we can truly change, get on a path to make a wonderful, and yes, green future, but it is up to us to demand that.

The agenda of the Congress should be the agenda of the people and to date, it is still not looking like that.

Thus, the question is, will you use your voice to make clear to Congress that Americans have the right to work; that "Made in America" is what the people want: that health care is what the people need; that the intent as well as the words of the law should be followed and that those who have mis-used them, and thus mis-used us should be prosecuted?

Democracy only works if the people work for it.
Contact Congress.


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