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Are you growing a "Victory Garden?"

By Remy Benoit

I am! These are times when we need to get back to the earth, to helping to produce what we need to eat. Even if you only have small patio, you can grow patio tomatoes, some peppers, and lots of herbs taking you well on your way to a garden salad, and saving some dollars here and there to help pay off other debts.

I'll be posting some pictures as the garden grows.

Getting back to nature, tending growing things is a great way to help deal with PTSD too. Just see what Harry Kieninger, Viet Nam medic has to say abou that. Join Harry and me in a conversation from a few years back about Touching Creation and Getting Out of the Jungle.

Veteran author Lonnie Story just finished digging his garden and is beginning to plant it. Sit down with a cuppa and join my buddy Lonnie at Story Point and say Hey.

Spread the word—grow a Victory Garden just like your folks did when time were tough. Ask for their advice; share the idea with your neighbor, with a Veteran, with the family of someone in service, and with someone you know in another country.

I took out my canner—ask another Granny like me how to make one work! Those "put up jars" look so beautiful on the shelf and come the cold next January you can be eating this summer's warmth and food you grew with your own hands!

It is can do—and it will make you feel good too!


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