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Spunk up and roll your sleeves up!

By Remy Benoit

From the AP at MSNBC Obama: Crisis is time of 'great opportunity' Faced with dire economic news, president challenges nation to step up.

We can sit on the couch and whine, or we can all work together. I have suggested a world wide Victory Garden. Start some seeds, take those cardboard egg cartons to do it, and grow some vegetables for your table, to share with your neighbors. Flowers are signs of life and hope, so start some flowers too. Put a green star for "go ahead" on your front door! Hang a flag to remind of us how hard we have work to make its dream a reality.

Demand justice for those whose greed hurt us all.

Check around the block and make sure everyone is eating. Get to know your neighbors, share whatever you can with those out of work and maybe help to find them a job.

Ask the President to put some pressure on to remove ridiculously high percentage rates on credit cards. Haven't the banks done enough without chocking people with those? They might actually be able to pay of their debts at non-usurious rates.

Get your houses of worship involved in helping in the neighborhood with things like clothing drives, or whatever else is needed.

We are Americans, and that means Yes, we can do!
So, let's do it! Together¬óRed, White, and Blue.


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